Things Are Getting SaaSy!

You may not have noticed it, but the SaaS industry has emerged more than a decade ago. As much as 79 percent of companies are becoming increasingly aware and dependent on cloud computing and the advantages of hosted infrastructure. SaaS has often been heavily focused on customer experience and success, which is likely one of the chief reasons why it is evolving and prominent.

More recent is the explosion of SD-WAN and how important it is to keep performance high and cost low. Following the prevalence of SaaS, SD-WAN will be no doubt one of the fastest growing markets to counter the excess demand for reliability and quality of connections. To prepare for the changes to the enterprise application, IT strategists must take a serious look at SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network).

The advantages of SaaS hardly need to be reinforced: greater mobility and options, reduced IT costs, and fewer maintenance and administrative challenges. The benefits of SaaS are obvious, but it does not go without notice other challenges it creates. Older technologies such as wide area networks are no longer sufficient for the modern workforce. As applications and data stop flowing between private datacenters and start moving exclusively over the internet, common issues related to congestion, packet loss, and high latencies produce poor user experience and loss of productivity.

In response to these challenges, SD-WAN is proving to be a vital choice for enterprises who require high performance and reliability from their SaaS deployments. SD-WAN can dynamically shape and route internet traffic to ensure consistent and continuous flow even when network links become unavailable. Couple it with intelligent platforms that can analyze the network in real time, optimize and fix issues, and come equipped with modern firewall & WAN optimization and it can greatly simplify network management and strategies.

Whether you’re in the process of adopting SaaS and cloud services or looking to improve your SaaS performance and reliability, it is worth investigating SD-WAN.

To learn more about SD-WAN and the major benefits of SaaS deployments, contact an SD-WAN vendor to demo and evaluate.

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2018