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The NetScaler SD-WAN solution from Citrix provides optimized application performance across the enterprise WAN. It combines software-defined WAN intelligence built into the controller to enhance application performance, reliability, and security.

The core values of NetScaler SD-WAN are outlined in the following SD-WAN basics. The first and most important aspect of SD-WAN is the knowledge it takes to make intelligent decisions by measuring and monitoring network paths. Second, it is fully application-aware to make prioritization decisions with very granular classifications. This ensures the highest performance based on QoS. Third, combined networks and latency-aware path selection means performing intelligent load balancing within network sessions based on a map of available links. Lastly, it integrates public and private clouds, consolidating branch network functions into a simplified management and centralized policies.

NetScaler SD-WAN offers a complete all-in-one solution that includes application-aware WAN connectivity, dynamic routing, WAN optimization, secure data segmentation and security Internet breakout.

Solution Pros:

  • Packet-based path selection for rapid adaptation to network chances compared to session-based
  • NetScaler monitors every packet to detect failure and eliminate any impact
  • Responds to latency, jitter, and packet loss in milliseconds
  • Link bonding ensures use of all available bandwidth, speeds up application and avoids path flapping

Top Features Include:

  • Improve XenApp and XenDesktop experience for branch and mobile workers
  • Detects over 4,000 applications for use in firewall and SD-WAN policies
  • Supports asymmetric routing to deliver optimal efficiency
  • Data compression and de-duplication for faster app performance


Citrix NetScaler is one of the best application delivery controllers (ADC) for building enterprise cloud networks. Already a strategic component in thousands of enterprise datacenters, NetScaler delivers an extensive portfolio of essential datacenter security capabilities. Moreover, it minimizes the need for enterprises to invest in a large number of expensive, standalone security solutions.

NetScaler not only provides critically important application security, network/ infrastructure security, and identity and access management, but also supports a rich ecosystem of partner products to cover adjacent security domains.

Architecture Type
On-premise hardware or software appliance, cloud-based
Deployment Options
SD-WAN controller runs on premises
Security & WAN Optimization
IPsec, Stateful firewall, data segmentation, integrates with WAN optimization devices
Pricing Models
Varies by packages
Best for Network Size
Small to large