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Software-defined wide area network is an emerging technology that can manage and optimize wide area networks to overcome the high cost of legacy MPLS connections. By supplementing internet transport with cable, DSL, fiber, and LTE to form a mesh virtual network across all transports, Cato Networks provides a globally converged SD-WAN as a service with built-in network security.

One of the main benefits of SD-WAN is cost reduction and the ability to rely less on MPLS without compromising performance. Cato Networks provides its own global, affordable, SLA-backed backbone. Customers not only augment but ultimately replace MPLS. Cato Cloud strategically deploys to accelerate access to key cloud applications and offers a full enterprise-class network security.

Cato Networks provides network and security policies built into the cloud that potentially replace the entire security stack, including next generation firewalls, secure gateways, URL filtering, malware protection, IPS, and more.  Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is a new type of next generation firewall that completely eliminates appliance form devices everywhere. In effect, the entire organization is connected to a single local firewall with a unified application-aware security policy.

Solution Pros:

  • Multi-segment optimization between data center, branch offices, and the cloud
  • Full visibility with Cato Cloud with no need to deploy multiple appliances
  • Cato can inspect all traffic to improve security with no performance degradation

Top Features Include:

  • Built-in network security with Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) eliminates security devices
  • Unified security policy enforces one policy extending to the entire business
  • Converged approach to eliminate the need to maintain policies across multiple point solutions


Cato Networks offers all the main advantages of SD-WAN to replace MPLS: lower cost, WAN optimization, and cloud-enabled technology. However, they hang their hat on Firewall as a Service.

Gartner and others expect this emerging technology to highly impact the security space – and Cato Networks delivers. By dropping the firewall appliance, customers can expect to simplify life-cycle management by distancing themselves from the need to size, upgrade, patch, and maintain.

Furthermore, Cato’s Advanced Threat Protection provides the following benefits: built-in network segmentation, malware protection, intrusion prevention system, network anomaly detection, threat adaptation, and cross-domain event correlation.

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